Posted september,02nd - 2017

OXiAB participates with "GenderTrix" in the "Rainbow Game Jam 2017".

The "Rainbow Game Jam" is a competition about videogame creation whose premise is to promote and celebrate diversity in the videogame industry.

This year the "Rainbow Game Jam" encouraged to create, in a period of two weeks, videogames with elements such as diversity, sexuality, gender, life and love. In addition had to respect the theme chosen for this year, which was "Spectrum".

OXiAB Game Studio has participated in the contest with "GenderTrix" a puzzle style videogame in which the player has to join geometric pieces taking into account two criteria: "Sentimental Attraction (Love)" and "Sexual Attraction (Sex)".

"GenderTrix" has been presented in a BETA version so the final version will greatly improve different aspects of the game.

We at OXiAB want to express our support for diversity and personal freedom and our rejection of any discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, religion or any other motivation.

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