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OXIAB Beats is an arcade musical rhythmic game.

In it you have to push the musical notes that arrive from four lanes to the rhythm of soundtracks from different games. Each song has 3 different difficulty modes. The game has at first the complete soundtracks from Canvaleon and Bitlogic, the two first games of OXIAB Game Studio, making a total of 47 songs. Everything wrapped in an electric vaporware aesthetics. This number will grow through paid DLC packs based on the next OXIAB projects and furthermore, collaborations from other studios.

Besides the basic game mode, OXIAB Beats has another mode for expert players that incorporates a wide range of interferences to test your reflexes: notes get smaller, it's harder to hit them, lanes do move sometimes and there are even trap notes that lower your life when hit. Every game will be unique, you'll never know what traps will be waiting for you. Ideal for those who already had mastered the game and are looking for an extra challenge.

Moreover, the game includes a music player which can play the included songs and look up info about them and the soundtracks. Also, you can make your own playlists to listen to your favourite songs.

OXIAB Beats is something of an ode to videogames music!

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