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You might be wondering if within the Virtual World there is such thing as life. You might also wonder if between the millions of clusters of data that move through your system, there could be something similar to an intelligent and self-conscious being.

Bit can help you to find an answer for that. Both of you will move as one with a perfect User-Avatar interaction thanks to the avant-garde technology of this software.

Inside a cybernetic world, Bit is alive.
He is looking for something.
He lives in a strange city full of droids and robots.
Bit has a gun that he uses to destroy enemies. But why?.

Join to Bit. He will be your virtual avatar in this binary and cyber world.

Can you discover what is Bit’s mission?

Take a look at our new version: Bitlogic Enhanced.


Best Game, Best Gameplay and Most Polished award in MSXDev'15

Play now on a MSX on-line emulador


Click here to play MSX version.

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