Posted october,23rd - 2019

Bitlogic, A shrouded in mystery game

The year is 1985. BAIXO Corp launches BITLOGIC.

Foto 1Bitlogic, A shrouded in mystery game

Would you dare to press start?

After spending several days on the market it wouldn’t be so rare to find the game in any regular middle class household . It was only then that strange events began to happen...

There were several reports of children talking about how the character of the game remembered their names and spoke to them just like a real human being. Consequently the game would become highly controversial, and inevitably, its success would skyrocket.

The software became forbidden for its dangerous nature.

What did actually hide that game? Was just paranoia or the threat was real? We’ll probably never know, since it is almost impossible to find a cartridge of Bitlogic today, making it harder to unveil its mystery.

That was until recently.

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