Posted april,24th - 2019

Bitlogic will be ready to launch APRIL 30th, 2019 in Steam

All is ready for the launch of Bitlogic on Steam on April 30th!

The game includes the enhanced version (modern graphical style) and the original MSX version (low resolution and pixelart) for a nostalgic enjoyment feeling.
Original soundtrack can be chosen too: Electronic Techno music version or chiptune.

This Bitlogic version is an enhanced adaptation of our Bitlogic MSX game.

Foto 1Bitlogic will be ready to launch APRIL 30th, 2019 in Steam

Visit our landing page:

Available languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.

Bitlogic is a 2D side scroller, action and adventure game without jump action. This feature makes it become a labyrinth puzzle game where the player is pushed to get all the items in order to go forward in the story.

Discover a lot of secrets, warp zones and strategies to reach the end of the game. It will keep you intrigued for the storyline and environment.
Gameplay is easy: move and shoot. Easy to play and hard to reach the end.
Bitlogic breaks the fourth wall right from the time you “press start to play”. He asks himself about the meaning of his existence.

Play in a modern graphical style or in its original version style: Low resolution and pixelart from MSX computer version like “La Mulana”.
Original soundtrack can be chosen too: Techno version or chiptune.

4 game modes:

  • Original MSX version
  • Enhanced version
  • New game plus: Collect enemies medals.
  • Inferno mode: "One hit kill" game difficulty and unlimited lifes. Perfect for a speed run.

What are you waiting for to put it on your Steam wishlist? [Bitlogic on Steam]


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