Posted october,08th - 2014

Japan loves "Canvaleon" - TGS 2014

As you know, we have been at TGS 2014 to show "Canvaleon"

We wanted to have a showcase where we could show our game "Canvaleon" to press, companies and public for the first time. That's exactly what Tokyo Game Show has meant to us.

Deciding to go to the TGS having our own booth has been a real adventure, but we couldn't be more glad about accepting this challenge. The result has been great in all aspects.

Foto 1Japan loves

4 days that totally worth it.

Both public and press, and more importantly, the companies that visited us at Tokyo Game Show, loved "Canvaleon". Thanks to the bonds we made with some companies and the good feedback we received, we'll be able to announce shortly the platforms and the release date of "Canvaleon".

Foto 2Japan loves

We will update the blog with more posts about TGS to explain interesting thing and anecdotes of what happened, as the follow-up performed by Tokyo TV, that recorded us during 4 days :)

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