Posted april, 23rd - 2015

Why do we use our own code and not a prefabricated engine?

Why do we use our own code and not a prefabricated engine?

To start a multi-disciplinary project like a videogame is difficult. To find and to be able to carry out everything necessary to create a videogame is more so difficult. During my life I have met people able to do absolutely everything needed to create a videogame. But, these people are fairly unique, few and far between. The most common thing is to think of the creation of a videogame as teamwork.

Posted april, 14th - 2015

The backgrounds of Canvaleon

The backgrounds of Canvaleon

What must a tiny studio without too many resources do to make their game more attractive visually?

Well, if the game is going to have a 2D-based visuals, the answer is easy: design backgrounds and tilesets with inventiveness and needless of fancy stuff. These backgrounds should provide a nice touch on the look of the levels.

I'd like to explain the process to make these graphics, but today I'm only going to focus in one of them: the backgrounds

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