Posted october, 1st - 2015

Details of the Canvaleon's New Free DLC.

Now that Canvaleon is available, we have heard the opinions and impressions of the media and the players. Thanks to that feedback, we have prepared a Free DLC for Canvaleon. This DLC will add a new dimension to Canvaleon.

This DLC will be available in november for free for all the users of Canvaleon

Posted may, 27th - 2015

Enemies' A.I.

Enemies' A.I.

Each time we find an enemy in a videogame, we think (or simply act) the most suitable way to defeat it, kill it or even dodge it. Depending on the kind of game we are playing, we will make one decision or another, and once inside the game itself, we will have to change our tactic. But have you ever given thought to what this enemy is actually thinking when he sees you?

Posted may, 4th - 2015

Boss or player, that is the question

Boss or player, that is the question

During Canvaleon’s development I have received some critics about the musics accompanying the bosses of the game. These, particularly, said that the songs do not share a feeling of tension, nervousness or similar emotions. But as it makes me be sick to death that people question my work, I asked to myself if there was really a rule saying that those soundtracks must generate that kind of bad feelings during those particular moments of the game.

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